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I was always the petite girl in my school/college days…. For which the entire credit goes to my beautiful, disciplined and hardworking Mom… who unintentionally controlled my diet and exercise so harshly… that as soon as I got married and became a free bird (as an Indian naval Officer’s wife) I started enjoying my independence as well as devouring on food, which happily transformed me into a newly wedded plum bride!
Phew! Then came the birth of my two little angels well in a span of three to six years of my marriage… A Bonny Sonny in the millennium year 1999…. Followed by the birth of a cute fairy in 2002!
Now folks at home forced me to gorge on dollops of ghee, sweets, and milk that putting on those extra Kgs just seemed absolutely normal…. (Sigh! Sigh!)

Now by the time my daughter turned two…. I had become very fat and that is precisely the time I also decided to take the reins of my life in my own hands.
I started walking for one hour regularly everyday. I also completely stopped oil and sugar from my diet… and replaced it with little ghee and naturally sweet fruits. Like musk melon and papaya etc..

My body listened to this amazing regime and I easily pulled down ten kgs. My hubby was proud of me… And so was I in cloud nine!!
But I couldn’t enjoy wearing those lovely western outfits beachwear, shorts and halter tops for a very long time as somewhere the food deprived soul inside my body began starving and I started eating ravenously again !

Since then it’s been more than a decade, that weight-loss has become a big challenge for me… Till date I’m battling against my bulge…. and believe me I do manage to get rid of some seven to eight Kilos… but my weight bounces back by the time the eleventh house in my neighborhood comes to know about my successful weight-loss story!
Yes it’s a Yo-Yo syndrome that I’m suffering with… And though I’d lost all my hopes of losing weight… But I never lost my heart of wearing stylish clothes….
Yes friends, to dress yourself up gracefully and walk with your head held up high… You don’t need a chiselled face and an hour glass figure… But just inner beauty and immense confidence.

Fortunately, I am a softskills trainer and an image builder by profession and I possess natural knack of dressing up, styling and putting make up that one of the most renowned motivational speakers of India Mr Rajesh Ramola has renamed me “The Four feet eight inches and eighty kgs Bomb”who can blast the best speakers,anchors, orators, trainers and motivational speakers on stage!!

P. S. I’m still walking and trekking and taking care of my health and diet.

My favorite slogan is
“I’m just too healthy, happy and a Curvy Queen!!”


Lotus:A detatched flower

Lotus flower  is an epitome  of detachment
Equaling to a thousand folded palms
Yet  we are sensing feelings of attachment
And the disillusioned mob seems calm
A new leadership is going to
navigate our nation
There is hope and courage to fight the inflation
Terrorism, illiteracy, poverty and  unemployment
Fundamentalism, equality and woman empowerment
However, the first thing is to have immense patient
As the country has suffered due to wrong leaders
It seems our beloved mother India is a patient
Hoping to be cured by the new healer!




Winds of Delhi

–         Geetika Berry



Winds of Delhi blew his muffler away…

The Chinook gusted all through the day…

Palms  holding   lotus  flowers…


Is it a Coup or game of power….


The Jan Lokpal  Bill was inexpedient!

The fellowmen and folks disobedient!

The Mango has a chance  to  choose!

After all it’s tasty in form of “juice”!


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